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Carpet Cleaning in Idaho Falls 

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Many people who own homes or businesses assume they can clean their carpets on their own simply by vacuuming from time to time. In reality, however, these surfaces sustain so much deep dirt and soiling over the years that they will need much more powerful care to restore them to their original state. Don’t let your carpets become ruined due to the fact that you did not schedule expert carpet cleaning. To learn more about what our team at Super Clean Carpet Cleaning does, give us a call.

Contact us now to enjoy the feeling of fresh carpet beneath your toes once again. If you are in the Idaho Falls area call (208) 225-4560. For the Boise area call (208) 400-5301.

Why Professional Carpet Cleaning Is So Important

Professional support is essential to clean and protect your carpets. A group of trained technicians will be able to tell you about the best methods for removing embedded debris that has gathered in your carpets’ fibers throughout the years. They will also use the most dependable treatments, so you do not need to resort to less favorable DIY substances. Since over-the-counter products will simply not cut it, you should always schedule a superior cleaning by technicians like those at Super Clean Carpet Cleaning.

Can You DIY Carpet Stain Cleaning?

While some DIY technique may show temporary benefits, it's important to note that hiring a professional carpet cleaner is often the best option for tough stains, heavily soiled carpets, or delicate carpets that require special care. 

Professional carpet cleaners have specialized equipment and cleaning solutions that can effectively remove stubborn stains and deep clean carpets. Additionally, they have the expertise to assess the type of carpet and stain and recommend the most appropriate cleaning method.

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What Is Involved in Thorough Carpet Cleaning?

It is important to understand that cleaning your carpet involves more than merely vacuuming or running a general steamer over it. Rather, it is an in-depth process that requires a lot of dedication and attention to detail.

When you hire professional technicians to come to your home or business, you should expect them to utilize certain step-by-step methods, including: 

  • Removing any dirt, soil, or other dried particles
  • Utilizing specially designated pre-spot and pre-spray treatments to start working on major stains, breaking down larger areas with thorough preparatory grooming
  • Using hot water extraction to completely flush out deep soiling with a truck-mounted machine
  • Deodorizing the carpet
  • Special treatment for deep stains that have not been fully removed by general techniques
  • Thorough speed drying utilizing a powerful air mover, which prevents any water damage from occurring
  • Grooming post-treatment to restore the texture of your carpet fibers, as well as get them dryer more quickly 
  • Stain resistance through Teflon carpet protection, keeping carpets resilient through stain resistance and soil repellent

Remember, the longer that you take to schedule carpet cleaning, the more soiled it will get deep inside. You can avoid this problematic situation in the first place by arranging for regular cleaning maintenance from professionals, like our team at Super Clean Carpet Cleaning.

Call us today or contact us online for carpet cleaning.  If you are in the Idaho Falls area call (208) 225-4560. For the Boise area call (208) 400-5301.

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