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Pet Odor & Pet Stains

Idaho Falls Pet Odor & Pet Stain Removal

Complete Pet Stain Removal - Serving Treasure Valley, Boise, & Eastern Idaho 

We all love our pets, but when they have an accident on the floor, the consequences are not very pleasant. In order to make sure that your valuable carpets are protected, you need to take action by arranging for thorough pet odor and pet stain removal. Reach out to our devoted team at Super Clean Carpet Cleaning for the care you need before that smelly mark becomes permanent.

Pets that leave behind stains and odors which can require professional removal


Why It Is Critical to Immediately Schedule Stain & Odor Removal

Everyone knows that getting rid of any stain as quickly as possible is critical, but this is especially the case for any marks or odors left by your pet. When these substances get embedded in the carpet, your pet begins to associate this spot as a designated place to create their “territory boundaries.” Simply allowing the area to dry or wiping down the place a bit is not going to be enough. In fact, these methods will encourage your pet to return to that same place.

Steps to Take While Waiting For Professional Service

The best way to prevent that smelly odor or discolored mark from lingering in the fibers of your carpet is by scheduling professional services as soon as possible. If you can, keep the area damp with only a bit of water. Any attempt to absorb the mark should be done via blotting, rather than rubbing, since rubbing will entrench the smell even further.

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Why You Need to Have Professional Service for Pet Urine & Stains

You may wonder why you need to have professionals resolve that stain your pet made on the floor, especially with the variety of products available. The problem is that these kinds of marks and odors are especially difficult to get rid of and attempting to resolve them independently can make things even worse.

Some of the consequences that come from trying to resolve a stain by yourself include:

  • Accidentally setting the stain more deeply by scrubbing frantically
  • Severe irritation or allergic reactions from being exposed to harsh chemicals from over-the-counter treatments
  • Making the fibers worn from harsh rubbing, leaving a bald patch
  • Intensifying the smell through synthetic chemicals that embed the odors more strongly into the carpet

If you have questions regarding these issues, do not hesitate to secure the safety of your carpets and rugs with our professionals at Super Clean Carpet Cleaning.

Call us or contact us online, and we can quickly get you started with reliable pet odor and pet stain removal. If you are in the Idaho Falls area call (208) 225-4560. For the Boise area call (208) 400-5301.

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