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Rug Cleaning

Idaho Falls Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning Experts in Treasure Valley, Boise, & Eastern Idaho

Your rugs are some of the dirtiest parts of your home, due to the amount of traffic they receive. Your hardwood floors are somewhat protected by carpets and rugs and can be cleaned much more easily. Those nice hardwood floors, no matter how much dust and dirt they receive, can be easily swept and mopped, and you can clearly see when they are clean or dirty. Your rugs, on the other hand, will hide a lot of the dirt resting on them--They're probably dirtier than they appear.

If you want to ensure that the most intricate fibers of your rugs are never ruined, count on Super Clean Carpet Cleaning for rug cleaning services in Idaho Falls.

Call (208) 400-5301 or contact us online for professional rug cleaning services in Idaho Falls!

Rolled up rug in an Idaho Falls home ready for Super Clean Carpet Cleaning's rug cleaning services


What You Can Expect During Our Rug Cleaning Process

Even though rugs are made of different materials and by alternative techniques, you would be surprised at how many people assume that cleaning rugs works the same way all the time. A team of professional rug cleaners will tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. 

A rug that has been printed will require different cleaning methods than a rug that is distressed. Treating a silk Oriental rug in the same manner as a tight-woven fiber rug could ruin your prized possession in a couple of minutes. It is clear why you should only let professionals handle your expensive possessions.

Our professional steps include:

  • Shaking your rug by hand
  • A front-and-back vacuuming process
  • Gentle neutralizer to ensure that your rug does not remain sticky
  • Specialty spotting for unusually discolored stains
  • Pre-treatment and pre-spraying before total rinsing
  • Dedicated post grooming to get your rug’s fiber texture back to normal
  • Options for effective deodorizer to remove pungent smells

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The Importance of Scheduling Supreme Rug Cleaning

Rugs are meant to protect your floors from harm, but this means they receive a lot of damage and dirt themselves. The fact that rugs tend to be placed where people often enjoy food, such as the living room or dining room, means they will be even more prone to debris. Pets and small children may play on the rugs, which could lead to unusual odors and unpleasant stains. These will linger, particularly if you do not seek out professional assistance.

Call or contact us online about our comprehensive Idaho Falls rug cleaning services. If you are in the Idaho Falls area call (208) 225-4560. For the Boise area call (208) 400-5301.

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