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Stone, Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning in Idaho Falls

Professional Stone Floor Cleaning in Treasure Valley, Boise, & Eastern Idaho

Have your stone and tile surfaces been looking stained and tired, or does your grout appear dingy and grubby? Perhaps you haven’t even bothered to look down at these places recently because they are underfoot all the time. Nevertheless, these surfaces need to be cleaned properly if you want to maintain their aesthetic appeal. With reliable stone, tile, and grout cleaning from Super Clean Carpet Cleaning, you never have to worry about your floors looking grungy and worn.

Contact us for professional tile & grout cleaning services at a competitive rate.  If you are in the Idaho Falls area call (208) 225-4560. For the Boise area call (208) 400-5301.

Invest in Expert Cleaning to Handle Your Tile & Grout

People tend to forget about their grout and tile because they are not the most noticeable part of your floors, but after a while, these surfaces are going to suffer. In order to keep your floors attractive and healthy, you need thorough cleaning. Otherwise, you are going to have nasty buildup from mildew, mold, and hazardous bacteria. Keeping your family and friends safe from these growths is crucial, so get in touch for rapid cleaning from professionals. 

When you invest in a dedicated cleaning by experts, your grout and tile can be thoroughly cleared of unpleasant marks from:

  • Spills made by food and drinks
  • Dirt from everyday foot traffic
  • Pet urine, vomit, and fecal matter 
  • Growth of mildew and mold 

Stone Floor Cleaning Services

A great way to add natural beauty to your home is by installing a stone floor. However, stone floors don't completely clean from regular mopping & other cleaning methods. This is due to the stone being porous and able to absorb stains and spills. That is why it is important to have your stone floor professionally cleaned every 6-12 months. Depending on the amount of foot traffic & the type of stone you use this length of time may change.  

Contact us online or at (208) 225-4560 to speak to our team about our stone floor cleaning services in Idaho Falls & the surrounding area. For Boise, please call (208) 400-5301

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Why Dedicated Cleaning Is a Major Money Saver

People often wonder whether cleaning their tile, stone, and grout is worth the money. They may even wonder whether anyone would even notice if they did clean. You must remember that cleaning is an investment. First of all, cleaning tiles will extend their lifespan. You have spent a lot of money on your beautiful floors, so you don’t want them to deteriorate quickly due to instability in the grout. Even just having these sections cleaned from time to time will add years onto the lifespan of your surfaces.  

Moreover, if you ever decide to sell your house or business, then you are going to get a much higher property value, since buyers are always interested in places that have been well-maintained. Together, these advantages should demonstrate that an investment in your tile and grout now will be beneficial long into the future. Our techs at Super Clean Carpet Cleaning are ready to answer your questions regarding the benefits of thorough, professional washing services.

Speak to us today or contact us online, and you can take advantage of our affordable options for Idaho Falls stone, tile, and grout cleaning. If you are in the Idaho Falls area call (208) 225-4560. For the Boise area call (208) 400-5301.

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